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Fire Safety is NO Accident!

Several studies have concluded that when working smoke alarms are present, the chance of dying from the fire is cut in half. The smoke alarms currently in place have saved thousands of lives.

Source: FEMA, U.S. Fire Administration. more...

Beginning in July 2011, Virginia Law § 15.2-922 requires landlords to:

                    • Place smoke detectors in all rental property

                    • Have those smoke detectors inspected annually
                      AND before new tenants move in

                    • Provide their tenants certification that all required
                       smoke detectors have been installed and inspected,
                       and are in good working order

Having these inspections done annually

                    • keeps our tenants safe

                    • reduces the potential liability of landlords

Complying with the new law can place an additional burden on busy landlords and property managers. To make compliance easy and worry-free, Andy Wells and Chip Waterfield, retired Dominion Virginia Power employees, have started a business:


SDI offers these same services to all residential homeowners who want peace of mind that their families are protected by smoke detectors that work properly.

SDI is currently scheduling annual inspections with property managers.

SDI ’s goal is to make the inspections convenient for the tenant by providing this service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, many property managers are comfortable with the fact that SDI is an independent company providing smoke detector inspection services for all real estate companies and is not affiliated with any particular real estate company.

Peace of Mind 4 (POM4) is a free service that SDI offers the landlord during the smoke detector inspection. Click to learn more about POM4.

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Fire Safety is NO Accident!

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